Through its wealth of theoretical knowledge and field experience ALGADE is able to propose several recognised training courses:


    • Detection of radon ingress in public places and in workplace (level 1A and 1B)
    • Complementary investigations (level 2)
    • Natural radioactivity – Radon (on application)


    • Radiation protection at work: intended for staff liable to operate in monitored or controlled zones; specific training within specialised departments (x-ray diagnosis, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, interventional cardiology and operating theatre)
    • Radiation protection in uranium mines (on application)
    • Qualified agent in radiation protection for dental surgeons

    Training courses are animated by engineers and technicians from ALGADE:

    Every year at set dates
    “a la carte” on application, on your premises or on the premises of ALGADE

    ALGADE is registered in France as a training agency under the reference n° 74.87.00797.87.